Luxury Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee

I made toffee on the weekend. I had my former team out for snacks and games on Saturday night, and figured this would make a good contribution to the snack stash. I was not wrong.

Toffee: Sugar and other yummy things go in a pot, where it boils until it is well beyond dangerous, then it’s poured out to cool. In this case, with a layer of chopped chocolate melted on top (using the heat of the toffee), then sprinkled with chopped toasted almonds.

Toffee is all about timing
Toffee is all about timing

Because of the boil sugar, pour, spread chocolate, cover with almonds flow, there was really no good point to stop and take pictures. So, all you get is the next point at which I wasn’t busy: cooling toffee.

Pause point
Pause point

At this point, it goes into the fridge to cool until the chocolate hardens, then it gets flipped and melted chocolate spread on the underside too. Which may be gilding the lily a bit, but it seems like it was worth it. Then cool again, then break it up into consumable pieces.

When one of my friends had a piece, his eyes lit up, and he said “Homemade skor! Skor is my favourite!” I passed the tin around a little later in the evening, and another of them let it go by without him taking any. He said “I just had like 4 pieces in the last 5 minutes.” Heh. Definitely a hit! It’s ridiculously easy to make with a little bit of patience and a careful eye on the thermometer, too. A great treat for the Christmas stockpile!


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