Heavenly Cake List

To keep track of what’s going on with this project, I copied a list of the cakes from one of the reviews on amazon.com. I’m linking the recipe names to Marie’s version at The Heavenly Cake Place. As dates are set for each cake, I will edit this post to add the dates. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to link the dates to my posts, to whoever Marie decides to feature, whoever “hosts” that week, or the version I happen to like best. For now, I’ve linked the Barcelona Brownie bars to my version, and The Jansci Torta to Faithy’s version, because I like chocolate. 🙂 I linked the wedding cakes to Hector’s previews on Rose’s website.

If I (or rather the person who wrote the amazon review I used) missed any cakes, please let me know. Thanks!

Edit: I’ve moved the list to the link on the right under Pages titled Heavenly Cake List, so that it’s easy to access.


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