Kitchen Before and After

I’ve got a few pictures to share. Note that there are still a couple of small things to finish up in the kitchen (baseboard near the dining room, trim around the exterior door, and we’re waiting on an 18″ deep cabinet to put in the passage way to the dining room), but the majority of the work is done. These aren’t the best pictures, but I’ve decided not to wait any longer to get the ‘perfect’ ones.

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Followup Post with Pictures

So… I think I’ve been walking around in some sort of a daze the last day or so. I couldn’t connect my camera earlier this week to download my pictures, because I was using the wrong cable. Whoops. Who knew that a “charge only” cable for a blackberry wouldn’t work to transfer data off a camera. Duh. I had even checked to make sure I wasn’t using the wrong cable, but apparently I’m blind.

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Vanilla Bean Pound Cake

This week’s heavenly cake post will be my last for a little while. I have no more oven. Or sink. And all of my baking supplies are in boxes. 😦

No more fridge

The fridge (and everything else needed for day-to-day survival) has been moved into the dining room. Unfortunately, baking supplies somehow don’t qualify. 😉

No more stove

But I have a new oven! 🙂 It just happens to be sitting in the garage :(, waiting for the kitchen to be gutted and rebuilt from the floor to the ceiling. We’ve figured out what we want for cabinets, and have an appointment to order them tomorrow evening. We’ve already bought everything needed for re-wiring the room (who builds a kitchen with 3 outlets, including the one for the fridge?), and we have 2 new sinks and 2 new faucets waiting on standby. The ‘island’ you see in the middle of the pictures above is one that Jay threw together so we could decide whether the kitchen really had enough space for one.

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