Caramel Cream Cake Roll

That sounds so much better than a recipe that starts with the words “prune preserves,” right? We had a friends over on Saturday night, and while Jay was in the process of sending the invite, he asked what I was making. I told him the full title, and he said “I can’t sell that.” My response was, “Just tell Jason I’m baking something, and he’ll come regardless of what it is.” He used to stop by my cube on Monday mornings to enjoy some baking for breakfast. šŸ™‚

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Monkey Dunkey Bread

If I bake 2 items every weekend between now and the end of this bake-through, will I catch up to Marie? I don’t know, and I’m not really feeling like looking it up. I’d rather get this postĀ written, so it’s one thing off my to-do list, which I think will feel good, even if it’s a thing I put there. šŸ™‚

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Salty Honey Pie

When a friend of mine took up beekeeping this spring, I started keeping track of recipes that prominently featureĀ honey. Given that my friend’s a bit of a pie guy, when Katya pointedĀ out this recipe, I knew I had to try it. I received my first jar of Spiderdoodle Honey from Doug about a month ago, and while I’ve been enjoying it in my weekend coffee (and in honey-lemon-ginger teas while recovering from a cold), I hadn’t baked with it just yet. This weekend we went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday, soĀ IĀ figured it was the perfect occasion to bakeĀ him a pie.

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Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding

Yes, just for the fun of it, my header image is of last week’s recipe – the rollie pollies that I neglected to post about. Little cinnamon-sugar, pie dough scrap treats. I’ve been making a variation of theseĀ with scrap pie dough since I was a kid, and I’ve never thought to squash them flat like cookies!

If this week’s Baking Bible recipe didn’t involve so much waiting, it might belong on the quick and easy list. As it was, it was one of those recipes I really appreciate on weekends when I’ve got a lot of things going on: there’s not necessarily a lot of active time in the kitchen, but there’s an impressive looking payoff at the end.

I briefly considered making a baguette (or two) from scratch for this, but if I did that, there was no way it would be “stale” in time for a proper bread pudding. Oddly enough, it was actually tough to find a pre-made baguette. My regular grocery store was all out, and it turns out that there just aren’t a lot of bread bakeries super convenient to me. I guess it’s good that I do most of my own baking!

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Frozen Lime Meringue Pie

Oh, wow! It’s been a full month since I’ve posted something for the “Baking Bible” baking group! In the meantime, my buddies have made Lemon Curd and Raspberry Pielets, Fudgy chocolate sandwich cookies, Gooseberry crisp, and coffee crumb cake muffins. This week, it’s frozen lime meringue pie, which I first made for friends this past Thanksgiving. ThatĀ pie came up in conversationĀ at my friend’s place this past weekend, as we enjoyed the key lime pie that his mom made for his birthday BBQ!

I also made it againĀ today, because it sounded tasty, and I wanted to have something special to take to work for a different friend’s first day. šŸ˜€

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Cream cheese butter cake!

I’m only a day late on posting for my baking group this week! Whee!! I give all credit for my almost-timeliness to the simplicity of this cake. Easy to put togetherĀ in an afternoon between weeding and laundry (which, along with baking, pretty much = zenĀ for me).Ā Unlike most of Rose’s butter cakes, this one includes cream cheese, inspired by her pie crust. And her pie crust is pretty much the best pie crust there ever was, so it’s not surprising that this cake is gooood.

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Cookies, Cake, and “Faux” Gras

Apparently, I’m getting into the habit of neglecting my blog, then writing about baking 3 different recipesĀ at once. That’s writing about 3 recipes at once, not baking 3 at once… though this past weekend I did bake 2. I made the “quick and easy” molasses butter cookies “on time” for the baking group I’mĀ a part of, about 3 weeks ago. Then it was Canada Day weekend (and my birthday) and I went off to spend time with friends at their cottage on the beach at Lake Huron. I forgot to post aboutĀ those cookies and I skipped doing any baking on the long weekend. Nancy made my mom’sĀ spice cake with brown sugar frosting, so there was no need for me to bake my own birthday cake. šŸ™‚

So, this weekend, having a bit of spare time between the usual stuff, I did a bit of ambitious catch up. I made cream puffs, faux gras, and blueberry crumb cake. Somehow, I missed taking any pictures of the cookies or the crumb cake, so all you get in any detail is the process of making cream puffs. I didn’t photo document the process of making faux gras because… well, I was slightly grossed out and wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Continue reading “Cookies, Cake, and “Faux” Gras”

Raisin Bread, Cherry Pie, and Mango Cheesecake

I’m playing a bit of catch up with the baking group I participate in (Rose’s Alpha Bakers), because I’m finallyĀ feeling like a routine is in the process of getting re-established after just a tiny bit of disruptionĀ in the last few weeks. The week that theĀ rest of the baking group was making rum raisin french toast, I was in Boston on behalf of PTC, using robots to demonstrate the applicability of agile processes for hardware development. TheĀ following week, I took a couple of days off, and caught up with some baking, reading, hammocking, and friends (but not blogging). Then, I started a new job as a product manager at Tulip Retail. Yesterday, I completedĀ my first race (5 km). Now, let’s pretend I’m back into routine. šŸ˜‰

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