I’ve been asked to come up with something special for the birthday of someone who doesn’t particularly like sweet things. I suggested something dark chocolate, and was told that maybe if it were chocolate, something mousse-y could work.

I pointed to the plum round ingots on Marie’s Heavenly Cakes blog, and was told “add liquor and now you’re cooking!”

Her favourite drink is Campari, and favourite fruit would be citrus. Anyone have any great ideas?


2 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. I would be leery of adding anything to the tart itself because the flavors are so delicate and pure, and I’m not so sure that anything orange would complement the plums. If you wanted to add booze, you might try adding a swig of something to whipped cream and serving it aside–it might be nice to echo the almond flavor of the cake with Amaretto (since you just happen to have some). And maybe Rose would have some ideas. If she’s around, she usually answers questions on her blog.


    1. I’m looking at the True Orange Génoise, now. I don’t really know what Campari tastes like, though. Wondering if it would work if I spiked the curd and/or the sugar syrup with some. Maybe replace some of the triple sec with campari. I did find a cocktail recipe that includes both triple sec & campari, so presumably they “go”.


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