Classic Carrot Cake

…with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

I’m sitting here finishing off the last lonely piece that my co-workers left behind, listening to the train running by just across the street. This recipe was really easy. The hardest part was probably washing the food processor twice. Once after grating the carrots, and again after making the frosting.

Sugar, Eggs, Oil and Vanilla
Sugar, Eggs, Oil and Vanilla
Flour mixture, raisins, carrots (and prepared pans)
Flour mixture, raisins, carrots (and prepared pans)

Ok, maybe not quite that easy, but pretty close. Close enough that I didn’t get pictures of the intermediate steps. Basically, you mix together the wet, sift together the dry, add the dry to the wet, then stir in your carrots & raisins (optional). Pour into the pans, bake, cool 10 minutes, remove from pans, cool. Making the frosting is just a matter of mixing together melted (but not hot) white chocolate, butter, cream cheese, and crème fraiche. I was going to use sour cream, but we hit up the local “gourmet” food store, and it turns out crème fraiche wasn’t really all that pricey, considering the usual price of just about anything at that place.

I took (most of) the cake into work today, and it just about all disappeared. There’s one guy who almost always seems to be working from home on days when I leave treats in the office, or he’s on his commute when I send out the email notifying my co-workers, and it’s all gone by the time he gets in. He was especially upset that he missed the pumpkin cheesecake. I was working away this afternoon when he came up to my cube and danced a jig to celebrate the fact that there was still some cake left. Everyone needs a Jamaican Software Architect in their lives! 🙂

This cake was really moist and flavourful. I think I’d reduce the quantity of raisins next time, or leave them out entirely if I’m expecting hubby to eat it. He wasn’t a big fan of the quantity of raisins in it, and I found it a bit hard to cut clean pieces. I definitely enjoyed it, though. I like the fact that there was no extra sugar added to the frosting — just what was in the white chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Classic Carrot Cake

    1. Well, I don’t know how the frosting would have turned out with the sour cream, but with the crème fraiche, it was fantastic. I’m sure the same would have been true with the sour cream, though. Rose has an amazing sense of balance with tangy vs sweet vs rich. I think I may have left the white chocolate a little too warm because it was fairly drippy, but it firmed up reasonably quickly as I was working with it. I may also not have let the cake cool quite as long as I should have.

      Some of the leftover crème fraiche was particularly decadent on our roasted baby potatoes tonight with supper (pot roast — I love my husband). I think I should have spent some time on the treadmill this evening instead of baking gingerbread cookies! Crème fraiche is 40% Milk Fat!


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