Just a few pictures to update you on our kitchen. It’s actually come a bit further than this, but I don’t have those pictures off the camera yet.

Here’s a link to a reminder of how it looked a month or two ago.

After the hole in the floor from the old stairs was repaired, we lived with it more or less like that for another month. In the meantime, progress was made in terms of getting new windows installed, etc.

Then I came home one day to this:

Tin Ceiling Removed

Next day, I came home to this:

Walls and Ceiling Gutted

Then the day after that, this:

No more floor!

We then decided to fix the problem with the unlevel cakes and the food in our frying pans sliding to one side of the stove:

Levelling the floors

It’s worth pointing out that at the doorway to the room (the highest part), the first new sistered joist was basically level (about 1/4″ off) with the existing joist. Not so much at the other corner.

Once the new subfloor was in, Jay removed the dumbwaiter (it only went down to the basement, not up to the bedrooms), and opened up the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen.

Opened up!

Next step was roughing in the electrical, plumbing, and venting:

New fume hood!

This is from earlier this week:

View from the Dining Room

Cake frosting skills come in handy when applying joint compound. Just don’t lick your fingers!

This is what we’re working toward:

Kitchen layout

“My” area of the kitchen is at the top of that diagram. There will be an under-counter oven near the large doorway. Fridge is in the middle of the left-hand wall. Dishwasher next to it. Slide in gas stove/oven combo under the fume hood, and the rest of the counter space is hubby’s. A tall pantry cabinet is on the end. The island is going to have a round pot-filler sink in it, and the other half of the island will be open, so I can put a stool there to sit and work on fiddly things like cake decorating. We ordered a cabinet to sit in the doorway to the dining room as a place to put a coffee maker and sort of as a phone table, but we’re not 100% sure we’ll install it yet. We are really liking the openness there.

We finished the painting last night, and Jay’s working on flooring today. The gas line for the stove was run yesterday or the day before (the days are running together). With any luck, we should be able to move some appliances back in this weekend, and then we just wait for our cabinets to come in!


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