Chocolate layer cake with Caramel Ganache

I’m going to do a quick all-picture post, because a) I’m already late posting this, and b) I’m on vacation today and don’t really feel like spending a lot of time in front of the computer, which is why this is late to begin with. 🙂

Ganache Mise en Place
Sugar Syrup (pre-caramel)
Cream mixed into caramelized sugar
Caramel Ganache
Mise en Place for cake, minus the oil
Adding the first batch of egg mixture
Almost done!

Jay said “Who names these cakes? With caramel in the name, I expect to actually be able to taste the caramel. It’s good, but it’s not caramel. You should put that in your post.” His complaint might be my fault, though. I may not have cooked the caramel quite long enough for fear of burning it. I thought this cake was nice and moist and delicious, regardless of how much caramel flavour there was.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate layer cake with Caramel Ganache

  1. I’m with you, the cake doesn’t taste very caramel-ly. And mine was cooked enough (temperature was 365 when I took the pan off the heat).
    I’m glad you like the cake. And I’m loving the picture post!


  2. I very much like your pictorial post! The cooked sugar and cream tasted so caramel-y before the chocolate. I could have easily spread it over the cake.
    Enjoy your vacay!


  3. I like your pictorial post too..perhaps next time i should do that too! beats having to write a whole lot of words when i have nothing much to! But the problem with me is i always forget to take step by step photos, so, end up i have to write!


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