Kitchen Before and After

I’ve got a few pictures to share. Note that there are still a couple of small things to finish up in the kitchen (baseboard near the dining room, trim around the exterior door, and we’re waiting on an 18″ deep cabinet to put in the passage way to the dining room), but the majority of the work is done. These aren’t the best pictures, but I’ve decided not to wait any longer to get the ‘perfect’ ones.

This is what it used to look like if you were entering the kitchen from the dining room. 

Old View from the Dining Room

We took out the dumbwaiter, in favour of widening the opening to create a wider passage way to the kitchen. Since the dumbwaiter only went down to the basement, not up to the bedrooms above, it wouldn’t really be useful to us, even as a laundry chute.

View from the Dining Room

If you keep walking into the kitchen, this is what you used to see on the south wall.

Old South wall (View from Dining Room)

This is what you see now.

South Wall (view from Dining Room)

To your left used to be a window to the mudroom. I suspect at one time the mudroom was an open porch, but we didn’t see the value in a window into a mudroom…

Old Southeast Corner

…so we boarded over it in favour of a tall pantry cabinet, with rolling shelf-drawers.

Southeast Corner

If you look to your right, you used to see the fridge, nestled in the corner of the staircase to the basement, with a landing that had a doorway to the back room, which we’re told was a summer kitchen at one time. That door that looks like a cabinet? It opened into the stairwell. Don’t ask me. That’s one of at least 3 doors in the house that go (went) nowhere.

Old Southwest Corner

We (uh.. Jay, mostly) built new stairs to the basement below the existing stairs to the second story. We lost a closet, but gained a house that makes a tiny modicum of sense.

Southwest Corner

Here you can see the door to the old basement stairs. Now, look back at the ‘old’ picture of the southwest corner. See that dishwasher? That’s one of the rolling dishwashers you hook up to a sink. Now scroll back down to the picture below. See where the sink is, behind the dish rack? See the basement door to the left? See Spot run. Run Spot Run! trapped in the basement when the dishwasher’s in use. We never used the dishwasher, and once we no longer wanted to use it as counter space, gave it away to my aunt, who loves it. 🙂

Old Northwest Corner

Another thing to note — we had to make the kitchen windows smaller (shorter), so that we could actually put in normal height counter tops.

Northwest Corner

I find it funny that the last time I took pictures of our old kitchen was last fall, when I had just started baking with the Heavenly Cake Bakers group. There’s the Barcelona Brownie Bars, getting made! Look, there’s a pumpkin on my counter!

Old North Wall

Hey, look! Butternut Squash. 🙂

North Wall

Thus completes the tour of the kitchen. Let’s head to the dining room to eat. This is the corner that still needs some work, but I can live with it like this for a while. 😉

View to Dining Room

9 thoughts on “Kitchen Before and After

  1. It’s gorgeous! I LOVE the wall behind your stove. What kind of tile is that? It reminds me of an antique tin ceiling. You are both to be congratulated. Your husband did an outstanding job. I imagine you helped more than you’ve said.


  2. Vicki, it is tin ceiling tiles. 🙂 Our old kitchen had an authentic antique (painted) tin celing that was damaged and rusting in places. We didn’t have enough to re-do the whole ceiling with it, because of the stairwell cutout. We were originally thinking we would strip down the old ceiling tiles and use them as the backsplash, but after stripping 2 of them, and completely wearing out 2 stripper heads on the Dremel, and a half a bottle of really noxious paint stripper, we decided it wasn’t worth it. Luckily, there’s a place just a few minutes down the road that makes tin ceiling tiles!

    We’re still holding onto the old tiles, trying to figure out what to do with them. It pains me to think of throwing them out.


  3. Very nice and a vast improvement on functionality. It is really quite a puzzle as to how the last 100 odd years of house owners put up with what was there before!


  4. Congratulations Kristina! The new kitchen is beautiful. I love the backsplash too – and you have a range hood – you lucky girl! The dark colors looks very nice and elegant. And I love your numerous cabinets.


  5. Ok, I’m officially envious… (the good kind)… all that counter space! a PANTRY… they shiny new OVEN…

    ohhhhhh, I want a new kitchen!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations.. bet all the inconvinience is paying off when you cook in there eh?


  6. i am also officially envious of your beautiful new kitchen! that backsplash is so dramatic (in a good way) and so much counter space!! it must feel so great to be in your new space. thanks for sharing the before and after shots.


  7. Hi Kristina – Wow, what HUGE improvements you’ve made. I’m loving everything!!!! No wonder you couldn’t wait to show the after photos a little early. 🙂

    Seriously, your kitchen looks like a million bucks! Big home value boost, I’m sure.



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