Chocolate Velvet Fudge Cake

This week’s heavenly cake bakers selection is from the “quick and easy” list, so this is going to be a “quick and easy” post for a “quick and easy” cake. It’s called chocolate velvet fudge cake, and I’d almost be inclined to call it a chocolate pound cake. Quite dense, not dry, but I wouldn’t say it’s particularly moist either, and yes, kind of fudge like.

I had to get my ingredients out and measured into separate bowls, because my one and only mixer bowl (hey, there’s an idea — my sister wanted to know what to get me for Christmas…) was in use. Getting them measured out early let everything come to room temperature. The cocoa paste cooled down, the butter softened a little, and the eggs warmed up to room temperature.

Mise en Place

Here’s what my mixer bowl was busy doing. It was the sponge and flour mixture for the soft white sandwich loaf from The Bread Bible.

Sponge for sandwich bread, fermenting on the windowsill

Once that had fermented for an hour or so, I kneaded the bread dough and moved it to its rising container. Then it was time to mix up the cake. Start by mixing the butter and cocoa paste into the dry ingredients (plus sugar).

Mixing butter and cocoa paste into dry ingredients

Beat that for about a minute and a half, then gradually add the egg mixture.

Developing the structure

Spread it into a tube pan, bake, and cool. And that’s all there is to it!

Cooling cake

Because it was so easy, I decided to go ahead and make the chocolate marzipan candle. Jay mixed together the red and yellow marzipan to make the flame for me, because he’s honestly much more artistic than I am. My candle had a serious taper to it, but I think it worked. I didn’t slice the candle up to use as decoration, because I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it with the taper. I don’t think anyone missed it.

Happy Monday!

I brought the cake to work today, and, as usual, it disappeared pretty quickly. When I brought the empty plate home, I found a disappointed husband.

Him: “How was it? You didn’t save me a piece.”
Me: “You could have had a piece last night.”
Him: “I didn’t know you were taking it to work.”
Me: “I didn’t either until I saw it on the counter this morning.”
Him: “You could have cut me a piece and left it at home.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind. There’s still lemon cake in the freezer.”
… time passes … we eat dinner…
Him: “When you’re done cleaning up the dishes, do you want a piece of cake?”
Me: “That sounds good.”
Him: “Will you bring me one, too?”



6 thoughts on “Chocolate Velvet Fudge Cake

  1. Sooo thats how the candle was suppose to look! Kudos to you.. I think you were the only one that tried it right? or I’m missing someone?

    The cook looks beautiful with the candle.


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