My Sister’s Wedding Cake

I know I’ve been a terrible blogger. My excuse is… well, it doesn’t matter what my excuse is. Currently, I can’t blog about my other baking project, so here’s something else I wanted to share. It’s me, with my creation back at my sister’s wedding in September. Well, I had some help. My sister’s friend Susan did all the baking and made ganache and royal icing, let me use her kitchen, cleaned up after me, bought all kinds of supplies, made the chocolate fondant rocks, etc. I just did the fun part.

The cakes were from the wedding cake charts in the Cake Bible, the ganache was also from the Cake Bible, and the chocolate fondant was from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. A neighbour of my parents made the trees. Jay cut some of the trees down to fit better on the sides of the cake. Did I mention we put this together in New Brunswick, and I live in Ontario? We had about 3 days there before the wedding.

PS: The beautiful bobbin lace bouquet on the table was made by my mother, along with the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and all of the corsages/boutonnieres.


3 thoughts on “My Sister’s Wedding Cake

  1. I probably should have added the story to answer the question “why a waterfall?” My sister and her husband went on a hike to a waterfall on one of their first couple of dates (if not the first; I’m not sure). He followed that up with a proposal at a waterfall. My sister asked me if I could manage some sort of a waterfall themed wedding cake design, and this is what I came up with. 🙂 I cribbed from a few different designs I found online.

    The funnier part of the story is the answer to the question “why so much chocolate?” My sister tends to have issues with sleep if she has chocolate too late in the day, so since she was getting married at 10 am, with an 11 am reception, she decided that she wanted chocolate, chocolate, chocolate for her wedding cake… because why not?


  2. Oh I like the dark chocolate color because it looks elegant and it goes well with the trees (nice contrast). I don’t even question why chocolate because I love chocolate lol.

    So was it chocolate butter cake from the Cake Bible? Did you have to make the cake denser to be able to mold them into the slanted shape? Maybe not because the cake doesn’t look that big but I’m curious.


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