Skipping Strawberry Shortcake

While the other alpha bakers are baking strawberry shortcake this weekend, I’m staging a quiet protest because there’s snow falling on my strawberry patch today. I realize it’s strawberry season in some parts of the world, but it definitely isn’t, here.

No Easter strawberries, here
No Easter strawberries, here

I could have tried making it with the frozen strawberries from last summer that are dwindling in my freezer, and I know that part of this recipe requires thawed frozen strawberries, and I know that the grocery stores have California strawberries on sale, but… it’ll be way better topped with strawberries fresh from the garden in a couple of months.


5 thoughts on “Skipping Strawberry Shortcake

  1. wow fresh strawberries from the garden, yeah i”ll wait too. i bet these also delicious nothing to compare with the one from California.happy holidays.


  2. How disappointing when they were just shooting again. But spring must be a really exciting time when you live in a snowy place.


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