Spritz Butter Cookies

I rarely look far enough ahead in the Rose’s Alpha Bakers schedule to know what’s coming up the next week, but this week was different, because some of the group baked pumpkin pecan pie last week, and some of them baked these spritz butter cookies. When I saw that this was next, I knew Jay would be happy. Spritz cookies are one of his favourites. He was surprised that they’d be included in a cookbook like this one, because as he claims, he’s been making spritz cookies since he was 6 or 7. Quite possibly with this same cookie press set.

Gotta try out all the shapes!
Gotta try out all the shapes!

These are pretty quick and easy cookies with a good food processor.

Mise en place
Mise en place

Toast sliced almonds, and process them to fine with the sugar. Add the butter, then the egg and vanilla and almond extracts.

The final step
The final step

Pulse in the flour mixture, just until combined. Spoon into a cookie press, and press them out onto the sheet.

For future reference :)
For future reference 🙂

I decided to use most of the press shapes, just to see how they each came out. I mean, I could guess, but for some of them, I ended up liking or disliking the resulting shape much more or much less than I expected. I can see myself using different shapes depending on the time of year and what I planned on using the cookies for. The ones in the top left & right corners might make good sandwich cookies, for example. One of the other shapes must be meant for a wrath, which would work well if I was planning on decorating cookies. Ultimately, as you can see below, I ended up mostly using the daisy and the sort of 5 petaled flower/star. Good all-purpose cookies. 🙂

So festive!
So festive!

While I was baking the last batch or two, Jay was putting up our Christmas tree. His rule is that it can’t go up until after US Thanksgiving, so this was the weekend to do it! Between that and this batch of somewhat Christmas-y cookies, the house felt quite festive on Saturday afternoon. The cookies are delicious. Nicely crispy, with a smooth buttery texture, and a good little bit of almond flavour. Two thumbs up, from me! Jay’s feedback was that “They’re spritz cookies. I don’t think you’re going to improve spritz cookies, and still have spritz cookies.” He also expressed hope that no unusual amount of effort went into them, because he considers this cookie to be a staple. I assured him that this was quick & easy, with no extra steps. I think I need to go on a quest to make a really bad batch of spritz cookies, if only to prove a point. 😉


One thought on “Spritz Butter Cookies

  1. My gosh, they look like something from a bakery! Totally understand your husband’s not until after Thanksgiving rule. It’s ingrained pretty deep in us from the U.S. Merchants drive everyone crazy putting up Christmas things the day after Halloween.


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