Catalan Salt Pinch Cake

Don’t let the title fool you. The cake I made this past weekend, from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, has nothing to do with salt. In fact, there’s no salt in it. There’s a lot of egg in it, but also a lot of almond, and a lot of air! I’d been ignoring this cake for a while (the rest of the Heavenly Cake Bakers baked it back in November 2009). My reluctance to bake it can be attributed to 2 things: The name, and the lack of frosting. I shouldn’t have passed it up. It’s easy to make (though time consuming) if you let your mixer do the work.

I figured it was time I made this cake, in my quest to bake my way through Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. I’m now only one cake away from completing the sponge cake chapter, and since the white gold passion gĂ©noise is on the menu for 2 weeks from now, I can finish at least one chapter this month!

Cooled, and a bit deflated, but delicious

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