Lemon Icebox Cake

This week’s selection from The Baking Bible is Lemon Icebox Cake. This cake is like a lemon meringue pie and angel food cake got together and had a love child. It was Jay’s birthday on Sunday, and he loves all of those things, so this was perfect timing.

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Angel Spice Cake

First, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your lovely comments on our kitchen pictures. It’s somewhat gratifying to know that our efforts weren’t just to our own tastes, but other people like the look of the changes. 🙂

This week’s selection with the Heavenly Cake Bakers group is angel food cake “any way you like it”. Rose provides a recipe for a single egg white, telling you that it will scale up to 1 egg white per cup of pan capacity. Since I always seem to have a stash of egg whites in the freezer, I decided to base the size of my cake on how many egg whites I needed to use up. I had about 300 grams worth, so I multiplied the base by 10. For my version, I decided to add a few spices and see how it tasted as a spice cake.

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