Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding

Yes, just for the fun of it, my header image is of last week’s recipe – the rollie pollies that I neglected to post about. Little cinnamon-sugar, pie dough scrap treats. I’ve been making a variation of these¬†with scrap pie dough since I was a kid, and I’ve never thought to squash them flat like cookies!

If this week’s Baking Bible recipe didn’t involve so much waiting, it might belong on the quick and easy list. As it was, it was one of those recipes I really appreciate on weekends when I’ve got a lot of things going on: there’s not necessarily a lot of active time in the kitchen, but there’s an impressive looking payoff at the end.

I briefly considered making a baguette (or two) from scratch for this, but if I did that, there was no way it would be “stale” in time for a proper bread pudding. Oddly enough, it was actually tough to find a pre-made baguette. My regular grocery store was all out, and it turns out that there just aren’t a lot of bread bakeries super convenient to me. I guess it’s good that I do most of my own baking!

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