Posh Pie

I found it amusing to learn that the name came before the concept for this week’s selection from The Baking Bible. As of Saturday morning, I had no real plans for this week’s recipe, so I figured I’d take my time making it, since we didn’t really have much in the way of plans this weekend. I made the cookie dough on Saturday morning, then left it in the fridge while Jay and I watched the Baden Santa Claus Parade from our front porch. Then we went out for a couple of hours to browse around the Christkindl Market in Kitchener. In the meantime, we both received a message letting us know that friends who moved to Toronto last year were going to be in town today and wanted to know if we could get together. Another couple offered to host, and I offered to bring the Posh Pie, not having looked at the recipe particularly closely. When we got home from our Christmas window shopping, I rolled out the cookies and put them in the oven before getting ready for my office Christmas party last night. This morning, I took a closer look at the recipe and realized I really should have made it yesterday, if I wanted to serve it tonight, but it seems to have worked out anyway!

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