Caramel Cream Cake Roll

That sounds so much better than a recipe that starts with the words “prune preserves,” right? We had a friends over on Saturday night, and while Jay was in the process of sending the invite, he asked what I was making. I told him the full title, and he said “I can’t sell that.” My response was, “Just tell Jason I’m baking something, and he’ll come regardless of what it is.” He used to stop by my cube on Monday mornings to enjoy some baking for breakfast. 🙂

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The Ischler

It turns out I’m bad at remembering to post, until I go to get myself a snack and think “Oh, right, I’m supposed to blog about these.” I don’t remember what I thought about these cookies the first time around, but I do remember baking them as part of testing recipes for The Baking Bible.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lekvar (apricot puree, more or less) that I have in the fridge is from when I was testing recipes.  This week, the “alpha” bakers were working on The Ischler. Apparently, this is a cookie that is normally dipped in chocolate, but Rose’s take has an equal amount of chocolate in every bite.  You can find the recipe on the blog that Rose has linked to, here.

I decided to make mine star-shaped, for more Christmassyness (yes, that’s a word, now).

Finished Ischlers
Finished Ischlers

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