Marble in Reverse Cake

Well, the full title is “Marble in Reverse With Custom Rose Blend Ganache Glaze,” but I didn’t make the ganache glaze. So, it’s just Marble in Reverse cake. Or really, just marble cake, because it’s still a marble cake, even if most marble cakes are mostly vanilla, whereas this one is mostly chocolate. Why is that? Why are marble cakes vanilla with a little bit of chocolate thrown in? If you like chocolate, you probably prefer more chocolate over less, and if you don’t like chocolate, you probably want none of that chocolate business interfering with the purity of your vanilla. Then again, maybe you’re one of those indecisive types who just doesn’t have a favourite and doesn’t care that there’s more of one over the other, and just figure that variety is the spice of life, so stop with the philosophical discussions and just give me my damn cake so I can eat it!

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