White Gold Passion Genoise

I’ve finally baked every cake in one of the chapters in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes! The last one on my sponge cakes list is the white gold passion genoise. I was lucky enough to find frozen passion fruit puree at the little “Mi Tienda Latina” grocery store in downtown Kitchener by the bus depot. This cake has a lot of different components and a lot of steps to it, but none of those steps are anything we haven’t done before as part of this bake-through. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking again this time, since there are a lot of them!

To start off with, I got out and weighed/measured all of the ingredients for all of the various components of this cake. Many of them needed to either thaw or come to room temperature, so I figured getting everything set out at once was the easiest way to do things.

Genoise Ingredients
Curd Ingredients
Syrup Ingredients
Custard and Buttercream Ingredients

Whew! That’s a lot of bowls! Time to start consolidating some of those things.

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