Black and Blueberry Pie

Last weekend, when I tallied up the sweets in the house, I made a decision about this week’s recipe from The Baking Bible bake-through. I eat lunch with some of my favourite people that I work, every Thursday. It started as a summer BBQ thing, many years ago, since we’re fortunate enough to have a patio and a grill available for employee use. In the summer months, we pay in a certain amount a month, and someone picks up food for the grill and gets reimbursed from the pool. A couple of years ago, we decided to try a potluck version in the winter – we rotate through main course slow cooker meals, and try to keep it relatively equitable. This week, my contribution was going to be dessert.

My most appealing shot of the pie
It looked best before baking…

Here’s a conversation from lunch, from memory:

Doug: It’s quite good. I really like the crust.

Matt: Yeah, it’s good.

Doug: You have to say WHY you like it.

Me: Yeah, if you don’t give me good feedback, you won’t get quoted on my blog.

Matt: I don’t want to be quoted on your blog. It’s good.

[Me, in my head: Too bad, Matt!]

Doug followed this up with gesturing to the pie with his fork, and saying something along the lines of: Normally, I mean, other than something like lemon meringue pie, the filling just all spills out, and the top collapses. This is actually full of fruit. It’s a nice consistency.

Geordie & Jeff agreed with him.  So, there you go.

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