Monkey Dunkey Bread

If I bake 2 items every weekend between now and the end of this bake-through, will I catch up to Marie? I don’t know, and I’m not really feeling like looking it up. I’d rather get this post written, so it’s one thing off my to-do list, which I think will feel good, even if it’s a thing I put there. 🙂

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Sicilian Pistachio Cake

Yes, I’m still alive, despite all evidence to the contrary as far as this blog is concerned. I do still bake regularly, I just haven’t baked anything all that new or exciting in the last little while. Mostly, I’ve been baking carrot cakes to use up the funny shaped carrots we dug out of my garden over the last couple of months.

That changed this weekend. I’ve never been able to find blanched, shelled pistachios locally, so this weekend, when Jay decided we needed to make a trip to Toronto for some toys for his wood shop, I decided we were also going to make a trip to Tavazo, which claimed on its website (which somehow, I can’t get to right now) to carry exactly what I wanted.

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