Catching up…

It’s strawberry season! I can’t quite keep up with the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks in my patch, so I picked up some berries from Herrle’s Market on Friday night. I love that place, and they just opened for the season while I was in Nashville. This Saturday was the St Agatha strawberry festival as well, so it seemed like the time was ripe (!) for catching up with the strawberry shortcake. I’ve also been slacking on my responsibilities to charity, in delivery of baked goods to Gilad, so I gave him the choice – brioche (which I missed 2 weeks ago), strawberry shortcake (which I missed at Easter), chocolate cake (this weekend’s scheduled “Alpha Bakers” recipe), or… brioche made into cinnamon rolls (inspired by a conversation while travelling). He said it all sounded good, but cinnamon rolls sounded the best, so I knew that was going to go into the plans for the weekend too.  Then of course, since I’m trying to catch up, and not trying to fall further behind in my baking, I had to make the double damage oblivion this weekend, too. That’d probably be plenty for a normal weekend, but my parents happen to be in town at the moment, so all of this needed to be planned around spending time with them, too.

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