Hungarian Jansci Torta

Ok, so I haven’t actually baked this one (yet). I’m waiting to receive my copy of Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. I’m so glad I’m one of the 10 that is going to be receiving the free autographed copy from the publishers, because money’s tight right now having just bought (and renovated) a house. You can see Marie’s version of the Hungarian Jansci Torta at The Heavenly Cake Place.

I will be baking something “similar” later this week — in the sense that it’s a flourless torte. I have a friend/colleague who is strictly following the specific carbohydrate diet to manage some health problems. His last day at work is this Friday, and since finding a restaurant where he can eat without getting sick has proven impossible in the past, instead of organizing a lunch for him, I’m going to bring cake. He can’t do chocolate or sugar, so I’m planning on making a banana/ground almonds/honey cake that I’ve made for him before. I’ll use Rose’s Royal Honey Buttercream from The Cake Bible for frosting. I’m going to make a second cake for the rest of my colleagues — probably the lemon glow chiffon cake, also from The Cake Bible.


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