The Heavenly Cakes Bake Through


This may very well be something I will soon come to regret, but I’ve signed up for the Heavenly Cakes Bake Through.  The newest cookbook from Rose Levy Beranbaum was officially released today, and the publishers have decided to promote it via an online “Bake Through”.  The reviews I’ve seen for Rose’s Heavenly Cakes are overwhelmingly positive, and if it’s anything like The Cake Bible or The Bread Bible, I know it will be an excellent addition to my baking library.

Marie at The Heavenly Cake Place has made her way through about 20 or so of the cakes already, as a preview to the book’s release.  Now that the book is out in the wild, Marie has invited the rest of us to join in the fun.

I’m just hoping I didn’t misread some instruction somewhere, and I have actually signed up properly, and am one of the first 10, so I can get an autographed copy to bake from!


2 thoughts on “The Heavenly Cakes Bake Through

  1. Hi! I loved seeing your pictures-brownies and kitchen! It is so refreshing to see a kitchen like yours being used. I cook so much, yet have a kitchen from the 40’s. Someday, I will get one of those fancy kitchens.
    Congrats on your new autographed book. Keep it up with all your baking. I am sure you are on a great adventure.

    Thanks for your posting. Meg


  2. Thanks! This house was built in 1917, but I’m not sure exactly what era the kitchen is from. The neighbours across the street who have lived here for 35 years said that the plywood cabinets were installed at one point because the owner at the time couldn’t get a mortgage without a ‘proper’ kitchen. I really can’t wait to get this kitchen re-arranged. The little L shaped cut-out behind the fridge is the stairs to the basement. We’re planning on moving those to be under the stairs to the top floor, to get rid of some seriously wasted space. If you’re interested in our renovation project, we have pictures up at Excuse my husband’s sense of humour in the URL. 😉


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