Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Ok, so I’m a bit late this week, and I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this week’s cake, either.  I don’t really have pictures, either, because my front USB port is being taken up by my iPod, which is getting a firmware upgrade, and I don’t feel like crawling around behind my computer to plug into another port for a couple of not-terribly interesting pictures. If you want to see how it’s supposed to look, go look at Marie’s blog. I made this week’s cake as cupcakes, partly because Jay seems more inclined to eat the leftovers if they’re in cupcake form, and partly because we had friends over for a bonfire on Saturday night, and I thought throwing cupcake wrappers on the fire would be a little more convenient than losing plates in the snow.

This cake bakes up really easily and is structured just like most of Rose’s butter cakes — mix dry ingredients, add butter and part of the liquid, beat the mixture, then add the rest of the liquid in a couple of additions. I scooped the mixture into paper cupcake liners, and into the oven it went. I probably could have made several more cupcakes than I did (I think I got 17 out of it), because they overflowed the liners a bit while baking. After they came out of the oven, I poked holes in them, then brushed the tops with ganache. I think the holes I poked were a little small, because there was no noticeable ganache inside the cakes, just basically a glaze on top. I think maybe the probe from my thermometer would have been a perfect size for this, so I’ll try to remember that for next time. I didn’t add raspberries to the top, because I dislike buying non-essentials like that out of season, and frozen really wouldn’t have been the same.

Verdict: Honestly, not my favourite cake, and not as nice and moist as the cupcakes I made last weekend (vanilla & chocolate from the recipes in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes), but not a bad cake, really. It probably would be better with raspberries, just to add some juiciness. My version must have been edible, though, because my friend told me today at work that he’ll bring the empty container tomorrow (he didn’t want to return it dirty today). I sent the leftovers home with him on Saturday nightSunday morning.


5 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. I was wondering if anyone was going to attempt this week’s cake in cupcake form. Sorry it wasn’t one of your favorites, but glad your friend appreciated the enough to take the leftovers.



  2. Too bad this wasn’t your favorite. The thermometer probe would have given you larger holes. I used a wooden skewer (not a toothpick) and had nice “ganache puddles”. The cake was a bit on the dry side but it was still very chocolatey. Which vanilla & choc cupcakes from Rose’s book are you referring to?


  3. My first attempt with this recipe was cupcakes and I resorted to stuffing them with a decorating gun. Still, they were dry-ish. After protests about giving them all away, I made a round cake. It wasn’t as dry after adding a bit more water on Mendy’s advice. I used a chopstick for bigger holes. It wasn’t as dry and very well liked at my daughter’s office.


  4. Hanaâ, the ones I made last weekend were the first two recipes in the Baby Cakes chapter. I had a bunch of leftover frostings in the freezer, and I was getting annoyed at all my little plastic tubs being in use and cluttering things up, so I decided it was cupcake time. 🙂

    Vicki, a chopstick probably would have worked well. That would make more of a ganache ‘plug’, which would be a bit like the barcelona brownies we made near the very beginning of this project, I guess.


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