No Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake

I like free choice week in the heavenly cake bakers group. It means I get to blog about something I baked weeks and weeks ago. 😉 I’m a bit short on time tonight, and I’m already late with this post, so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking again.

Mise en Place for Custard Filling
Custard, ready to cook
Beaten Cream Cheese and sour cream, and cooled custard
Mise en Place for Italian Lemon Meringue
Bubbling sugar syrup
Folding it all together
Graham Cracker Crust
Full, right up to the top
Extra goes into a plastic tub for Jay to snack on
Finished Cheesecake

I have to admit, for a ‘no bake’ cheesecake, this was an awful lot of work, and even more dirty dishes. Was it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely. I think this cheesecake supplants the “Cordon Rose” cheesecake recipe from The Cake Bible as my favourite. The texture is so unbelievably light and fluffy. It’s a little bit of a challenge to serve because of that, but oh so worth it. Unsurprisingly, given that it has the word “cheesecake” in the title, Jay really enjoyed it too. I offered to make it for him for his birthday, but we were visiting my brother in law at the time, and it turned out that he’d made a different no-bake cheesecake before we got there. It was quite tasty in its own right, and if I want something quick and easy, I’ll definitely be calling and asking for his recipe. No offence to my big brother, but when it comes to taste, Rose’s recipe wins hands-down.


3 thoughts on “No Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake

  1. I’m glad you made this No Bake cheesecake. I’ve been wondering and wondering about it. After reading your post I’ll give it a try next time I make cheesecake.


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