The Renée Fleming Golden Chiffon

I have to admit that this week’s selection from the Baking Bible was another one of those that didn’t inspire me, and is something I probably wouldn’t have baked if I wasn’t participating in this bake-through. On Saturday, instead of working on this cake, I made bourbon pecan pie truffles, because they just sounded delicious. I mixed & rolled them on Saturday, then spent some time on Sunday dipping them. I made a good mess, and had fun doing it, but managed to completely avoid baking this cake, even though I had all the ingredients on hand. Monday rolled around, and I saw everyone else start posting about it, and they all made some reference to it being quick and easy. Ok, fine, I decided to try and make it in the evenings this week. So, yesterday, I made the cake, and I said to myself, “I’m going to cheat, just this one time, and buy lemon curd for the whipped cream.”

Sigh. It’s always worth it to make it from scratch. I bought a jar of “lemon curd” tonight on the way home from the gym, and it was just awful. I knew as soon as I opened it that the smell was all wrong. Then I tasted it, and it was nothing but sadness. It actually tasted a little bit like stale vegetable oil. Of course, Jay pointed out that it’s probably not entirely the company’s fault, because it’s actually best before November 2015… which means it’s probably been sitting on the shelf at the store for a good long time, if a canned product actually managed to reach its best before date. So, it’s going back to Sobeys.

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Flaky Cream Cheese Scones

I loaded up this page to write up the post, then went to my google photos account to download my pictures, because my computer is refusing to recognize that I’ve plugged in my phone tonight. Then Google photos asked me if I wanted it to show me memories from this week in past years, and I clicked on it, and that was a mistake, because now I’m looking at pictures of Grandpa, who passed away two years ago last Thursday.

I need an ice cream cone.


Um. Scones. I made them. They were, in fact, quick and easy. I skipped the dried fruit (cranberries or blueberries) because I was feeling lazy and didn’t have any on hand. There were 8 of them. Sometime between Friday’s lunch and Monday morning’s breakfast, they all disappeared. I can’t fathom where they might have gone. Jay managed to get one of them before they all disappeared. He said they were biscuit-like. I guess that’s good?

Cutting in the cream cheese
Cutting in the cream cheese
Rest of the ingredients
Rest of the ingredients
Smooshed butter
Smooshed butter “flakes”?
Ready for the oven
Ready for the oven
Mmm.. wait. You said there were 8?
Mmm.. wait. You said there were 8?

Buttered scones for tea. Or maybe just buttered scones for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I guess mid-afternoon snack could otherwise be known as “tea”. Yup, I’m a lumberjack, and I’m ok.

Chocolate Cuddle Cake

On Saturday morning, I looked at my counter, where you can find: a tin of holiday treats and a bag of chocolates from my friends, a tin of Chocolate Chip Cookies (from The Baking Bible), not one, but TWO gingerbread houses, leftover candy from decorating gingerbread houses, and two boxes of handmade truffles. In the freezer, there are still two pieces of frozen pecan pie, and the fridge had a couple of pieces of fruitcake and a couple of pieces of cheesecake.  So, what’s a girl to do, when she’s participating in a bake-through with friends from all over the world? Bake anyway, and plan on taking the bulk of it to work.  So, that’s what I did/will do tomorrow.

Completed Cuddle Cake
Completed Cuddle Cake

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Orange Glow Chiffon (not Layer) cake

I feel like I’ve been gone forever, but in reality, I’ve only missed two weeks of baking with the Heavenly Cake Bakers. I skipped the <a href=""Devil's food cake because we were on chocolate overdose in our house. I also skipped last weekend’s free choice because I was away in San Francisco for EclipseCon from Sunday to Friday. Somehow, having skipped only two weeks, I managed to forget how to take pictures for the blog. 😉 I only got three this time.

First, Mise en Place

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Coffee Chiffon with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

Grandpa celebrated his 89th birthday on April 17. I called Grandma up a couple nights earlier and asked if I could bring a cake: “Well, sure. That will save me having to bake something. I had thought, ‘maybe I could ask Kristina to bake a cake,’ but I know how busy you are.” Perfect! Coffee Chiffonlets were coming up in the heavenly cake bakers’ schedule, and if I know anything about my grandfather, it’s that he loves his coffee. It was almost a guarantee that he would love this cake.

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Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake

This week’s heavenly cake choice is an angel food cake with a twist. Most angel food cakes I’ve made in the past have been almost flavourless, but not Rose‘s recipe! This cake was really quick & easy to put together, though apparently the trick is in the baking. The most time consuming part for me was grating all the chocolate.

Completed Cake
Completed Cake

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Torta de las Tres Leches

This week’s heavenly cake selection was the Torta de las Tres Leches. Marie at the Heavenly Cake Place had already made this cake way back in May, long before Rose’s Heavenly Cakes was officially released. Hanaâ requested this cake especially for this week, to make for her husband’s birthday, so she’s the ‘guest host’ this week. I really expected to love this cake, based on everyone’s description. You’ll have to wait to the end of the post to hear my thoughts.

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