Swedish Pear and Almond Cream Cake

I had quite a conversation about the name of this cake with a friend/coworker and my husband. The friend came over to make use of some tools and (my husband’s, not my) expertise with replacing the rotors on his (girlfriend’s) car. After the guys took the car for a test drive, they came inside to chat, and I offered up some cake. The two of them ganged up on me a bit over the title of the cake. The exchange went something like this:

“What kind of cake is it?”
“Swedish pear and almond cream cake”
“Does it have Swedish pears in it?”
“No, Bartlett pears.”
“Well, does it have cream in it?”
“er.. no..”
“What about almonds?”
“Well, it has ‘almond cream’ in it.”
“Then you should call it Swedish … pear … and … almond cream … cake, not Swedish pear … and almond … cream cake.”

So, when we went out for dinner later with this couple later, and the girlfriend asked what kind of cake it was this weekend, I was very explicit in my pauses in the title. 😛

The cake batter is pretty simple, but I struggled a little with the rest of it. The batter itself is a basic sour cream cake. I suspect if I looked hard enough, I could find the same basic recipe elsewhere in either The Cake Bible or Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.

Mise en Place for cake batter

You start by combining your dry ingredients, then add the butter and most of the sour cream. Beat thoroughly, to develop the structure. The rest of the sour cream gets mixed in with the eggs and vanilla, and this gets added in 2 additions, beating for 30 seconds after each.

I love my beater blade

I don’t know about anyone else, but the only place I could find almond paste was at the Bulk Barn. I don’t know if their stock is dried out, or if it’s just the way almond paste is, but I couldn’t really get it ground with the sugar to a state I would call “fine”. Little pellets of almond paste was as close as I could get.

Mise en Place for almond cream

Add the butter, and you get something that kind of looks like creamed butter and sugar. Add the eggs, flour and vanilla, and you get something kinda eggy and sweet.

Almond cream and sliced pear

After spreading the batter in the pan, you carve out a trench for the almond cream. You apparently don’t want this stuff touching the sides of the pan, and I can definitely see why (ooh… foreshadowing…).

Batter with the trench

Pour in the almond cream, then lay the pears on top of it. The almond cream and pears are supposed to sink to the bottom so that they become the topping when the cake is inverted out of the pan.

Composed Cake

Maybe I didn’t spray the pan well enough. Maybe I didn’t jiggle the cake up and down enough in the pan (weirdest instructions for releasing a cake ever). Maybe I didn’t hold my tongue the right way when inverting the pan… Regardless, my cake came out, but most of my topping didn’t. 😦

Bit of a mess, but it tasted ok

Ah well. I can say it tasted good. I can also say that I’m told it disappeared quickly when Jay took the leftovers to work. I was in training all day today (and will be tomorrow, too) so I figured I’d let him have this one. I didn’t get to gather any detailed impressions, because I wasn’t there when people ate it. I personally thought the cake part itself was a bit dry, but that may have had something to do with me leaving it on the counter uncovered for too long. Might make this one again some time, just to see if I can get it to turn out a bit better. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Swedish Pear and Almond Cream Cake

  1. Haha… I agree on the title. I feel the same way about Rose’s Chocolate egg white buttercream. And I also agree that Rose most likely has the same cake base in one of her other cookbooks. She does that a lot.



  2. I think Rose said the cake was inspired by one she tasted in Sweden. I enjoyed the little cake, and found it nice for a coffee or tea get together. My husband liked it, kind of like a pound cake of sorts.


  3. LOL! I laughed about the cake title that you mentioned your friend asked. i don’t really care about the cake title as long as the cake taste great. :p Your’s look wonderful!


  4. Sorry you had trouble with releasing from the pan. This cake tasted wonderful. I will add another pear next time. I found it moist and the almond cream was delightful. Good job!


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