Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

I’m feeling less than talkative today, so I’m going to do one of my infamous “let the pictures do the talking” posts. I’ve got a cold, and it seems the more stuffed up my head is, the less my brain functions. Strange, no? Makes trying to debug code at work rather challenging. Anyway, this week’s choice from Rose’s heavenly cakes is the moist chocolate raspberry génoise. As I was sitting frosting it, my husband pointed out that this shouldn’t be a cake book, it should be a chocolate book. He’s right, there is a lot of chocolate in this book, but there’s a goodly amount of non-chocolate too. I wonder if maybe I’m just biased towards chocolate cakes. I don’t think I’ve missed one yet, but I have missed some others. 😉

Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

Mise en place for ganache
Framboise from down the road instead of Chambord from France
Pouring scalded cream mixture over chocolate
Melty smooth chocolate raspberry ganache

Now’s when you read the instructions for the cake, and realize you should have made a boiling water/melted chocolate mixture before you even started the ganache. Oops. The plan ahead just told me to make the raspberry sauce and the ganache!

Mise en Place for Génoise
Whipping up the warm eggs and sugar
Folding the flour into the fluffy eggs
Into the oven
Completed Génoise layers
Making the cocoa syrup
Bubble, bubble
Ready for frosting
Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

I found this génoise odd in that the syrup didn’t seem to distribute throughout the cake quite as well as it normally does. I’m guessing that’s due to the cocoa in it. It kind of left a slightly soggy layer and a drier layer (though I would in no way call this cake dry). I wonder how this cake would taste with a raspberry based syrup? Maybe find some pure raspberry juice, or use a sugar syrup with the Framboise or Chambord. I love the raspberry flavour in the ganache. Hubby did too, even though he’s so totally over the chocolate. My team at work (6 of us, including me) hacked their way through more than half the cake in less than 10 minutes. I think I can call that a success! I was dealing with a few geeks wigging out on sugar and chocolate for the last hour or so of the day, though. 😉


2 thoughts on “Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

  1. Very pretty cake! Every time I see a picture of your tooled tin backdrop I get even more envious. I just love it! I hope you haven’t caught the 18 day flu/cold that stomped its way up and down California.


  2. Pretty cake. Love the shell border. I’m sorry you got a cold. When I get a cold my brain stopped functioning too!

    There are a lot of chocolate cakes in the book – too many IMO as well. I hope Rose’s next book will have less chocolate cake.


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