Red Velvet Cake

I noticed when WordPress created the slug for this post that I’d had another red velvet cake post in the past. Apparently, I wasn’t enamored with the results of the red velvet recipe in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. Hopefully this version goes down better. I realized while making it tonight that it’s in keeping with my theme for the past week. I was on a trip to Nashville for work, for the PTC Live Global trade show/conference. The conference and work part was fine, but after the work was over, I had a good time with some co-workers, exploring what Nashville had to offer.

Photo stolen from Facebook - credit to Doug
Photo stolen from Facebook – credit to Doug

We experienced lots of “Southern” food, including gator, Nashville hot chicken, and plenty of BBQ. The “Southern” food is what got me on this tangent. I always think of red velvet cake as a Southern thing. I’m not sure if that’s reality, or if that’s just the association stuck in my head from Steel Magnolias. Maybe both.

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Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

Hello? Is anyone out there? I’m usually on the tail end of the weekly posters for the heavenly cake bakers group, but it looks like I’m only the second one to post this week’s cake. I guess I’ll chalk it up to Memorial day festivities in the US, since the only other poster so far also lives outside the US, in Canberra. This week, we’re working on the Chocolate Raspberry Trifle, leaving only a handful of cakes from the sponge cake chapter unbaked. For me, they are White Gold Passion Génoise, Red Fruit Shortcake, and Catalan Salt Pinch cake, which I skipped the first time around. I decided to make this trifle in a casserole dish, for several reasons. The first is the most important: I don’t own a trifle dish (shock! horror!). The second reason is because I thought it would be a pretty convenient way to carry it to work.

Mmm.. so pink!

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Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

I’m feeling less than talkative today, so I’m going to do one of my infamous “let the pictures do the talking” posts. I’ve got a cold, and it seems the more stuffed up my head is, the less my brain functions. Strange, no? Makes trying to debug code at work rather challenging. Anyway, this week’s choice from Rose’s heavenly cakes is the moist chocolate raspberry génoise. As I was sitting frosting it, my husband pointed out that this shouldn’t be a cake book, it should be a chocolate book. He’s right, there is a lot of chocolate in this book, but there’s a goodly amount of non-chocolate too. I wonder if maybe I’m just biased towards chocolate cakes. I don’t think I’ve missed one yet, but I have missed some others. 😉

Moist Chocolate Raspberry Génoise

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Chocolate Génoise with Whipped Peanut Butter Ganache

Like many, I wondered how this week’s heavenly cake bakers selection would work. It seems an odd combination of flavours — chocolate, black raspberry liqueur, and peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter, I get, completely, but add black raspberry into the mix? That being said, when Marie, our host, likened it to a peanut butter and jam sandwich with chocolate bread, it clicked.

When I went looking for Chambord at the LCBO, I knew I only needed a couple of tablespoons of the stuff. There was no way I was about to pay $40+ for a big bottle of Chambord when I only needed two tablespoons. We looked around for anything that we figured would work well with peanut butter and chocolate. We determined that it pretty much had to be a berry flavour. My husband spotted this:


At $15 a bottle, I was willing to give this Framboise (raspberry dessert wine) a shot. Plus, hey, it’s from just down the highway, instead of coming across the ocean, which I’m always in favour of. When the cashier asked if we’d tried it before, I replied that we hadn’t, and she informed me that it was really flavourful. “Perfect!”

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