Karmel Cake

Apologies to my fellow Heavenly Cake Bakers. I got behind in my reading of your blogs when I was away for a week, and I still haven’t managed to find the time to catch up. I’m still baking with you, though!

This week’s cake was Karmel cake, which was named for a friend of Rose Levy Beranbaum. It’s also a bit of a play on words, as it’s made with caramel sauce instead of using sugar directly. My picture of the cake looks pretty much the same as everyone else’s, except Marie’s, which Hanaâ turned into a birthday cake for Rose! I didn’t adorn mine with anything, but it was tasty nonetheless. Mine had a couple of tunnels in it, just like Marie’s.

My husband and I each had a piece Sunday night after supper, and I asked Jay what he thought. “It’s really good.” “Keep at home good, or take to work good?” “Take it to work. If you keep it here, I’ll eat it and get fat.” So, there you go. This one’s a keeper, which means it had to go to work. 😉


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