Miette’s Tomboy

This is one of those cakes I’ve been looking forward to tasting since I received Rose’s Heavenly Cakes in the mail way back when. I always love the combination of vanilla and chocolate, and this cake certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Pretty Little Cake

The cake is an oil-based cake, which I think tends to keep things a little moister. It contains both melted chocolate and dutch processed cocoa, which up the fudginess factor.

Mise en Place

You start by basically making a somewhat thin (though rather oily) mayonnaise. Beat the egg until lightened in colour and texture, then drizzle in oil, making an emulsion.


Add the melted chocolate, water, vanilla, and buttermilk.

After adding the wet ingredients

Next mix in the dry ingredients, then pour into a 6×3″ pan.

Ready for the oven

After the cake’s cooled, it’s onto the frosting. This is a vanilla mousseline, which uses Rose’s new (I think?) technique developed for this book. Beat the butter, and let it come up to room temperature (70 degrees). Make an italian meringue, and let it come down to the same temperature. Add the meringue into the butter, then beat to combine, adding vanilla after it has come together.

Vanilla Mousseline

I decided to decorate the cake with a leftover gumpaste daisy I had stashed in my cupboard from my cousin’s wedding cake. Given that they now have about a 6 month old little girl, I don’t think the daisy would be particularly tasty, if it even was to start with, but hey, it’s still pretty. 🙂

Miette's Tomboy

I absolutely loved this cake. Soft, fudgey, moist, and delicious. The mousseline’s not necessarily my favourite buttercream, but it compliments this cake well. This is definitely on the “will bake again” list. I might just have to see how it does in a larger size for a party cake, too.

Dig in!

Gotta run. My bread smells done…


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