Barcelona Brownie Bars

Since, aside from Marie, the host of the Heavenly Cake Bake-along, only one of Rose’s Heavenly Cake Bakers (congratulations, NancyB!) managed to bake their way through every recipe in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, several of the group are continuing through to completion, with Jenn of “Knitty Baker” taking up the role of host. This week’s ‘cake’ is the Barcelona Brownie Bars. I think this was the first recipe I baked as part of the bake along, if memory serves. For nostalgia’s sake, here’s the link to my Barcelona Brownie Bars (though I’m not sure how anyone could be nostalgic for that kitchen!).

I didn’t manage to bake anything new this weekend. Instead, I made Cordon Rose Cheesecake from The Cake Bible (my standard go-to cheesecake), then drizzled it with chocolate lacquer glaze, leftover from Zach’s La Bomba. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday, so he got to choose the cake. 😉 Happily, he’s getting around much better this weekend than he was a week ago, and he’s scheduled for physio tomorrow. We event managed to frame out a new garden shed this past weekend. Roof’s next!


4 thoughts on “Barcelona Brownie Bars

  1. you guys framed out a shed a week after your husband tore his calf? you guys are hardy people! a happy birthday to your husband, and what a lucky guy to get the cordon rose cheesecake with lacquer glaze. that must have looked stunning! hey did you know marie named you featured baker for your brownies? nice job!


  2. We had a long weekend here, and took an extra day off before and after (so tomorrow’s off to), so we took it slow and I did most of the carting things back and forth, while he stood around and measured/nailed things together. He’s a rather stubborn person (I don’t think he’d even disagree with that assessment), so since we had vacation planned for the purposes of constructing a shed, if we’d made no progress on it, it would have killed him. I think we’re going to wait on putting the roof up until his leg’s better healed.


  3. Thank! I plan to bake along occasionally on ones I want to repeat for one reason or another. It’s fun baking along with the group.

    Your husband’s birthday cheesecake sounds marvelous–good use for leftover lacquer glaze.


  4. Congrats NancyB, I just dont know how you did it! I cant count how far along i am, but its four months – mainly due to uvéitis of left retina that has left scar tissus down center of line of vision. Surgery soon, but dr says even tho disease healed, scar tissue is hère to stay.
    So. I Will see if i can enlarge some recipes and have at it after all this time. Right now i would love a Barcelona brownie!


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