Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

Hello? Is anyone out there? I’m usually on the tail end of the weekly posters for the heavenly cake bakers group, but it looks like I’m only the second one to post this week’s cake. I guess I’ll chalk it up to Memorial day festivities in the US, since the only other poster so far also lives outside the US, in Canberra. This week, we’re working on the Chocolate Raspberry Trifle, leaving only a handful of cakes from the sponge cake chapter unbaked. For me, they are White Gold Passion Génoise, Red Fruit Shortcake, and Catalan Salt Pinch cake, which I skipped the first time around. I decided to make this trifle in a casserole dish, for several reasons. The first is the most important: I don’t own a trifle dish (shock! horror!). The second reason is because I thought it would be a pretty convenient way to carry it to work.

Mmm.. so pink!

Saturday afternoon, while Jay was cutting the rafters for our shed’s roof, I assembled the various components of this cake. I measured all my ingredients, made my syrup, melted/simmered the chocolate so that it could cool, made the crème anglaise so it could cool, etc. Once that was done, I realized there was still time to wait on the last load of laundry, and the rafters weren’t quite finished yet, so I baked the cake layer too. I halved the recipe, because going through nearly two dozen eggs for one cake just struck me as absurd (plus yadda yadda trifle dish…). So, here we sit. We have the crème anglaise, the raspberry preserves, the syrup, the cake layer, and the raspberries.

Various bits and pieces

I left the cake to cool while I went outside to help with the shed. Later, just before supper, I came back in for assembly. First, split the cake layer(s) in half. Spread preserves on the bottom side of each layer, and syrup the tops. Of course, just spread the preserves on, then put the first layer into the pan, preserves side down, THEN add the syrup. I still made a mess of things, but I can only imagine what it would have been like if I’d tried to syrup it first. 😉 I also had to cut down my cake layers slightly to fit them in my dish. Spread about half of your reduced recipe of the crème anglaise on top.

Chocolate cake, Crème Anglaise

Then add some raspberries, put in the other cake layer, syrup it, add the rest of the crème anglaise, and more raspberries.

Raspberry layer

The next step is the whipped cream with raspberry preserves, which is absolutely delicious. After piping an admittedly modest amount onto the cake, I took my leftover cake bits, after trimming the layers down to size, and added the cake bits in layers with the cream to a couple of small bowls for dessert. We can’t be wasteful! Besides, it’s trifle, that’s what it’s for. 😉

Finished Trifle, plus leftovers

I popped the lid on the casserole dish and took the cake into work today, and like always, it disappeared quickly. It’s nice to have co-workers I can count on.

Convenient travel dish

I thought this was a great combination of flavours, though the whole thing ended up just a touch soggy as far as my own personal texture preferences go. I’d almost say I could happily get away with leaving off the syrup entirely. I do have to admit to one blunder of my own that may have contributed to the texture — when I was adding the milk to the crème anglaise, I halved the 1/4 cup that gets mixed with cornstarch, but forgot to halve the remaining 3/4 cup. I did cook the custard just a little bit longer to get it to a good consistency, but this still could have been part of my problem. I’ll have to try again sometime. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

  1. I did not make it, because well, I was busy enjoying the long weekend and prepping my house for the upcoming tenting… Guess I will be cracking on our next FREE CHOICE. love your idea of making it in the casserole dish to be able to take to work, I may just do that as well…


  2. How spoiled your co workers are! I’m glad that this is well received. Looks so pretty Kristina. Good idea of making it in a casserole dish. Also easy to transport.
    PS: My post just went up :).


  3. looks good in the souffle dish–I made my 1/3 recipe in a large chunky vase. pics up as soon as my friends oblige. I also cooked the anglaise for a bit longer the next morning, as it hadn’t thickened up to where i wanted it overnight.


  4. I like it in the casserole too, but trifles do look so pretty in a trifle bowl. Maybe if this gets to be your specialty (where people tell you that you can’t come unless you bring your chocolate raspberry trifle), maybe it’ll be time to invest!


  5. Your trifle looks lovely. We are big fans of trifle-like desserts in my house, puddings, squidgy cakey things but I mentioned to a co-worker that I was making trifle and he said ‘yuk’ he hated soggy cake. I had to laugh. That wouldn’t stop me taking it into work though. It’s a really generous recipe and you end up with enough for many co-workers.


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