Plum Round Ingots

Or should I say Apricot round ingots? Plums aren’t quite in season yet here, so I swapped in apricots in their place for this week’s cake. I haven’t baked much of anything in a few weeks, unless you count bread or chocolate chip cookies. We’ve been busy with other things lately (pictures at the end of this post). My other excuse is that I’ve already baked most of the cakes that the group playing catch up was doing these past few weeks. Not to say those cakes wouldn’t be worth making again, I just haven’t had time. Here’s my link to the whipped cream cheesecake. Here’s the one for the Chocolate Tomato Cake. I think I already posted my link for the Lemon Canadian Crown in one of my previous posts.

Enough excuses, let’s bake.

First, read the recipe, and realize that you won’t be able to take this cake to a BBQ pool party at a friend’s place because it needs to be refrigerated for 6 hours, and it’s already 2:30. Then, mix the dry ingredients — toasted ground almonds, flour, icing sugar, salt. Add some egg white (I only needed 3, though the recipe calls for 4), then pulse in hot beurre noisette. I pulled my beurre noisette out of the freezer, because I’m too lazy to make it every time I need it. Stash in the fridge.

When you’re ready to bake (it took me until the next day before I had a few minutes again), scrape the batter into a bag to make it easier to get into the pans unmessily.

Ready for distribution

Once the batter’s in the pans…

Ready for apricots

… slice up the plums (or in my case, apricots) thinly, and arrange them in vague rose shapes in the “tarts”. As you can see, I don’t have tart pans, so I used a muffin tin. Dust with powdered sugar, and bake!

Ready for eating!

Most of the powdered sugar absorbed right into the batter with mine, so if I was less lazy, I’d probably dust them again right before serving, just for the appearance. As you can see, my “ingots” kind of did a bit of a volcano thing in the middle, probably because they were baked in a smaller diameter pan than the recipe called for. The texture didn’t seem to suffer at all, though.

The apricots are the most prominent flavour in these, making it absolutely delicious to my tastes. It’s not overly sweet, the ground almonds hide in the background, texture-wise, and the best part is that I probably don’t even have to share many with Jay, because this is a dessert with cooked fruit in it! Score! 🙂 He’s very much a texture eater, and cooked fruit just isn’t something he enjoys.

What else have we been up to? Well, my path to my shed’s finally finished:

Shed Path

I’m going to move my herb garden to the corner to the right of the path, there, once I get some stone borders set in place. We’re also planning further stone work/patio stuff, but that probably won’t happen this summer, hence the gravel ramp.

Also, our porch project has progressed!

Flooring is finished
The rails are getting siding next
It's too pretty to walk on

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