Chocolate Oriolos

This week’s “Rose’s Alpha Bakers” choice is the “Double chocolate Oriolos.” I like ’em. They’re quick & easy. But I refuse to call them double chocolate . I can accept “chocolate,” since they’re certainly chocolate-y, but double chocolate to me implies two kinds of chocolate, and all that’s in these is cocoa. That’s chocolate. But it isn’t double chocolate. Maybe if they were sandwiched together with ganache in between? Or dipped in chocolate? I think I’ll have to make another batch. More than half the batch went to my friend for his treat for the month, and given how easy these are, maybe I’ll make a second batch, but with a second type of chocolate, send some with him, and get some comparison input.

By the way, don’t expect this post to be terribly coherent. Our hosting was down yesterday, and today’s been a long day, and this is going to be an even longer week, even though it only includes 3 work days, so I’m writing this up quickly, with no proofreading, then going to bed!

First step, toast walnuts, then break them up and rub the skins off. Process until fine, with the cocoa & the sugar.

Ground walnuts & sugar
Ground walnuts & sugar

Then I took a moment to appreciate the fact that my food processor doesn’t have a sticky-uppy thing in the middle. This means that you don’t get things like walnuts stuck under the blade when you set the bowl on the base, and the stick-uppy thing pushes the blade up.

I <3 my Breville Sous Chef
I ❤ my Breville Sous Chef

Add the butter, and process it in until it disappears, then add the flour and do something similar.

Processed dough
Processed dough

Put the dough on plastic wrap and use the wrap to knead it.

Kneeded & ready to shape
Kneaded & ready to shape

Split the dough in 3, and refrigerate while shaping. Split each third into about 12, roll into balls, then press flat with the bottom of a glass dusted with sugar.

Pressed with sugar
Pressed with sugar

Bake! Then cool!

Stacks o' cookies.
Stacks o’ cookies.

I found that this recipe made a surprisingly small amount, but at the same time, it wasn’t much work, so it’s kind of nice to have a small batch. As I’ve said before, cookies are also really easy to share, so that’s kind of nice. No feedback from my friend, yet. I dropped the cookies off at his back porch this morning and left him a message saying they were there. Hopefully he finds them before someone else does! 🙂

Off to bed. A busy week ahead, including a couple of presentations at work, a new teammate starting tomorrow, my husband’s birthday, a trip to Toronto for the weekend (to visit an incredible friend – and I mean that literally. It’s hard to believe he’s for real, sometimes. Seriously – go read his blog), and maybe some car shopping, depending on how a few other things pan out.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Oriolos

  1. You are always tempting me with your Breville food processor! Thankfully they don’t sell here..I think.. and I can’t order online cos we uses 220v here. 🙂 Your cookies looked fab and I like how you stack them!


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