Flaky Cream Cheese Scones

I loaded up this page to write up the post, then went to my google photos account to download my pictures, because my computer is refusing to recognize that I’ve plugged in my phone tonight. Then Google photos asked me if I wanted it to show me memories from this week in past years, and I clicked on it, and that was a mistake, because now I’m looking at pictures of Grandpa, who passed away two years ago last Thursday.

I need an ice cream cone.


Um. Scones. I made them. They were, in fact, quick and easy. I skipped the dried fruit (cranberries or blueberries) because I was feeling lazy and didn’t have any on hand. There were 8 of them. Sometime between Friday’s lunch and Monday morning’s breakfast, they all disappeared. I can’t fathom where they might have gone. Jay managed to get one of them before they all disappeared. He said they were biscuit-like. I guess that’s good?

Cutting in the cream cheese
Cutting in the cream cheese
Rest of the ingredients
Rest of the ingredients
Smooshed butter
Smooshed butter “flakes”?
Ready for the oven
Ready for the oven
Mmm.. wait. You said there were 8?
Mmm.. wait. You said there were 8?

Buttered scones for tea. Or maybe just buttered scones for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I guess mid-afternoon snack could otherwise be known as “tea”. Yup, I’m a lumberjack, and I’m ok.


3 thoughts on “Flaky Cream Cheese Scones

  1. Cute photo of your grandfather. Bet you miss him terribly. Great to know these scones are good without the dried fruit. I’m going to try them with a vanilla bean and vanilla powdered sugar glaze to see if they rival the original Starbucks. Funny, the Monty Python reference. Love that song!


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