This week, the Baking Bible bake-through project is working on something that sounds (to me) Dutch, but tastes like a gingersnap. It’s definitely not pepernoten. It’s definitely not speculaas. It’s definitely not gingerbread.  Quite gingery, with the other spices fading a bit into the background as supporting actors.

I mixed up the dough on Saturday, then baked these up this afternoon.

Ready to bake
Ready to bake

The recipe said that once you’d mixed the flour into the creamed sugar and butter, it should look like a fluffy buttercream. To me, it looked kind of like cookie dough. *shrug*?

Like a fluffy buttercream? Not really.
Like a fluffy buttercream? Not really.

After the dough has been refrigerated for an hour or more, you’re ready to shove it into cut up paper towel tubes. Yup, you read that right. Make 4 little logs of dough, wrap them each in plastic wrap, put them in the tubes, then press down.

Gotta get that into those...
Gotta get that into those…

This step makes the log perfectly round. I never would have thought of that. Into the freezer, for 8+ hours (or, in my case, overnight).

Fresh from the freezer
Fresh from the freezer

Get a sharp knife, or be patient and give them 15 minutes to soften. I went with sharp knife.


Slice them up into 1/8th inch slices or so, and attempt to reshape anything that flattened.  I sprinkled turbinado sugar on top. The recipe called for pearl or demarara sugar, and I’m pretty sure demarara’s just another name for turbinado. I also figured that would go nicely with the flavours involved.

Baked Pepparkakors
Baked Pepparkakors

I really like these. Slightly chewy in the center, quite gingery, with a little bit of black pepper spice. Lots of molasses flavour. You can barely taste the cinnamon, but I’m sure you’d notice if it was missing. Jay likes them, too, so… win?

I also made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, from this recipe (thanks to Evil Cake Lady for the pointer way back when). Unfortunately, my beater blade gave up the ghost on the second batch of cookies for the weekend.


Oh well. It’s replaceable, and I’ve got the metal one that came with the stand mixer in the meantime.

Again, please excuse the mess while I’m migrating my blog from one host to another. I’ve got all my content imported, but pictures don’t all seem to have quite made it over right. I think that’s the last attempt at a full import I’m going to do, though, and I’ve pointed the old domain to the new host. I’ll fix the rest by hand, gradually. I’m pretty sure all the pictures are here, they’re just not linked properly.


11 thoughts on “Pepparkakors

  1. just FYI, if you contact the company they will replace the beater blade. it’s not meant to mix very stiff doughs such as cookie dough but it doesn’t say this on the packaging!


  2. They came out nicely shaped! Bit tricky stuffing that dough into the paper tube, that was. I’ve yet to bake mine so I hope they look as nicely shaped as yours, but they aren’t for company so I guess it doesn’t matter! I’ve never seen a beater break like that before. Must have been a shocking surprise.


  3. The paper towel roll–I just didn’t get that trick. I was worried that the cardboard would stick to the dough, but I see you kept it in plastic wrap. Ah well, too fussy for me. Nice job. I really liked this recipe.


  4. Hey, Kristina: your cookies look terrific! I broke my beater back when we made gingersnaps. FYI, if you are ever making a really big batch of cookie dough, you might want to try the dough hook once you get past the basic mixing stage, it works like a charm! Anyway, I love these cookies and was particularly happy with the spicy variation! I hope you will stop by my blog and see my results if you get a chance.


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