Honey Cake

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Apologies that I’m a little late on that wish. 🙂 I thought that this week’s scheduled recipe from the “Rose’s Alpha Bakers” project would be a good one to give to Gilad for this month’s baked treat from last year’s Movember charity auction. I sent him a quick note, and asked how he would feel about honey cake. The answer was “Sounds good. Just in time for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year) ;)” Perfect, I figure. After a little help from Evil Cake Lady, I figured out that the only thing I didn’t have on hand was oranges for juicing, so I picked those up on the way home after the gym on Thursday night, then baked this on Friday morning. This is a super quick and easy recipe, and it smelled amazing.

Dry ingredients in one bowl, wet in another.

Quick and Easy!
Quick and Easy!

Mix up the dry, add the wet, whisk until it comes together, then beat for a minute and a half.

Mixed batter
Mixed batter

Pour it into a bundt pan, and bake.  The recipe calls for a single piece tube pan, and cake strips around the sides of the pan, but I don’t have a single piece tube pan, and I wasn’t about to try to wrap cake strips around my bundt.  So, this is how it came out:


I thought the patterns made by the fluting on the pan were really cool. 🙂


I had no problem removing the cake from the pan, though because it was so soft, it did get a little marred by the cooling rack when I inverted it back onto a plate. I’m still taking Fridays off to use up vacation time, but since a girl’s still gotta eat on her day off, I went to lunch with one of my teams on Friday, after baking this in the morning. I let the cake continue to cool in the car, then delivered it to Gilad after lunch.  When I got home, I had a BBM waiting for me: “OMG best honey cake ever XD” I said that I had no idea what it was supposed to be like, and he said “Sometimes they can be too dry…” Me: “This one came out of the oven about 3 hours ago. ;)” Gilad: “Tastes like it :)”

As I mentioned above, this cake smelled amazing. Honey, coffee, orange juice, whiskey, cinnamon… The little taste I snuck out from the top (bottom when inverted) was delicious, too.  I think this is going on the “make again” list, even if it’s just so I can try a proper piece.


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