Hungarian Raisin Walnut Tarts

I’m trying not to fall further behind, now that I’ve missed 2 recipes from The Baking Bible. I had plans this weekend that I expected to preclude much baking, but I was so curious about this one that I just had to make it. I made the pastry dough on Saturday morning, and completed the tarts on Sunday afternoon.

Why was I curious about this one? Well, because it sounded an awful lot like butter tarts, only made with white sugar instead of brown.

Super easy filling
Super easy filling

Mix everything but the raisins and walnuts in the food processor. Toast the walnuts, then rub them thoroughly to remove the skins.

Except rubbing the walnuts
Except rubbing the walnuts

Add the raisins, mix it up, then completely misread the recipe and mix the filling with the raisins. Or, you could actually follow it and only add enough of the filling to coat the raisins and walnuts, and skip this next step to strain the nuts and raisins out again.

It helps to read directions
It helps to read directions

Then, spoon a heaping tablespoon of raisins and walnuts into the tart shells, pour in some filling, and bake.


I skipped documenting the whole process of rolling out dough and cutting out 24 circles and fitting them into 24 holes in the muffin pans, but it’s pretty mundane. Good way to meditate a bit, though, if you’re weird like me. I find weeding equally zen.

These are delicious. The walnuts work really well here. Weirdly, I can totally see why white sugar works with walnuts, and brown sugar works with pecans. Somehow, raisins work with both. Oh, that reminds me, I need to try making raisin pie. A friend gave me her mother’s old threadbare copy of “More Food That Really Schmecks” and it says “Bill says really good” next to raisin pie. 😉


One thought on “Hungarian Raisin Walnut Tarts

  1. They look perfect! I was wondering what muscavado light brown sugar would taste like in these; making a note now since it works so well in your raisin pie.


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