Hungarian Raisin Walnut Tarts

I’m trying not to fall further behind, now that I’ve missed 2 recipes from The Baking Bible. I had plans this weekend that I expected to preclude much baking, but I was so curious about this one that I just had to make it. I made the pastry dough on Saturday morning, and completed the tarts on Sunday afternoon.

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Irish Cream Scones

… as opposed to “Irish Cream” scones, unfortunately. The recipe says that the better the cream you use, the better the flavour. The best I could do was cream from Kawartha Dairy, and that was only because we happened to stop at the Victoria Street Market on our way back from the local restaurant supply store, where we needed to pick up vacuum sealing bags. Otherwise, it would have been Sealtest: the stuff made by mixing milk from just about every dairy in Ontario. Maybe someday Eby Manor will start making cream, and I can see if there’s a flavour difference with fancy pants local small-batch cream.

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Polish Princess Cake

Blogging inspiration
Blogging inspiration

I was chatting with one of my teammates on Friday afternoon, close to the end of the day, and said that I was going home to do some baking. He asked what I was baking, and when I answered, he asked what made it Polish. I suggested it might have something to do with the vodka!

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Swedish Apricot Walnut Bread

Rose’s Alpha Bakers did another bread this week, and it’s another bread that has a pre-ferment. This time, I actually made the biga according to the recipe, instead of using my own starter. This bread’s biga is made with pumpernickel flour, which a number of the bakers had a hard time finding. Fortunately for me, I was able to adjust the granularity on my flour mill, and produce something that (probably) closely resembles pumpernickel flour. Because it’s a stone mill, some of it was pretty fine, and some of it coarser. I don’t think that had any serious impact on the finished bread.

Coarsely ground rye - aka pumpernickel flour
Coarsely ground rye – aka pumpernickel flour

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