Chocolate Génoise with Whipped Peanut Butter Ganache

Like many, I wondered how this week’s heavenly cake bakers selection would work. It seems an odd combination of flavours — chocolate, black raspberry liqueur, and peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter, I get, completely, but add black raspberry into the mix? That being said, when Marie, our host, likened it to a peanut butter and jam sandwich with chocolate bread, it clicked.

When I went looking for Chambord at the LCBO, I knew I only needed a couple of tablespoons of the stuff. There was no way I was about to pay $40+ for a big bottle of Chambord when I only needed two tablespoons. We looked around for anything that we figured would work well with peanut butter and chocolate. We determined that it pretty much had to be a berry flavour. My husband spotted this:


At $15 a bottle, I was willing to give this Framboise (raspberry dessert wine) a shot. Plus, hey, it’s from just down the highway, instead of coming across the ocean, which I’m always in favour of. When the cashier asked if we’d tried it before, I replied that we hadn’t, and she informed me that it was really flavourful. “Perfect!”

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