Frozen Lime Meringue Pie

Oh, wow! It’s been a full month since I’ve posted something for the “Baking Bible” baking group! In the meantime, my buddies have made Lemon Curd and Raspberry Pielets, Fudgy chocolate sandwich cookies, Gooseberry crisp, and coffee crumb cake muffins. This week, it’s frozen lime meringue pie, which I first made for friends this past Thanksgiving. That pie came up in conversation at my friend’s place this past weekend, as we enjoyed the key lime pie that his mom made for his birthday BBQ!

I also made it again today, because it sounded tasty, and I wanted to have something special to take to work for a different friend’s first day. 😀

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Frozen Pecan Tart

I’ve previously mentioned my friend/coworker, Gilad, who won the charity auction, where I offered up one of the Baking Bible bake-along desserts each month. It may have occurred to you that, for the final auction to reach $600, there had to be at least one other coworker bidding against him.  That someone was Doug – who is known in some circles as the perpetual winner of the New Dundee Women’s Institute pie of the month auction, and I’m pretty sure he had planned on winning this one, too. This past weekend, we had Doug & his wife over for dinner (meatloaf in a cheddar cheese crust, inspired by the recipe in the Pastry Bible), and as a local authority on pies, he offered his feedback on the frozen pecan tart. 😉 Read on, to see what he had to say. Continue reading “Frozen Pecan Tart”

Lemon Canadian Crown

The “Lemon Canadian Crown” is a frozen lemon dessert. Its name apparently comes from the fact that the recipe is from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Canadian in-laws. I figured since it has “Canadian” in the name, it was my national duty to make this week’s cake, as the only Canadian participant that I’m aware of in the Heavenly Cake Bakers group.

The cake is somewhat similar to a baked Alaska, in the sense that it’s a frozen dessert, with a sponge cake base, topped with meringue and baked to brown the meringue. There, the similarities end.


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