Fourth of July Cheesecake

Quick post. Typing this up from Germany, on my phone, between meetings. 🙂 I made the “Fourth of July” Cheesecake as my birthday cake. Since I wasn’t planning on serving it on the fourth, and since the fourth isn’t a special holiday in Canada, I didn’t make it red, white, and blue. Instead, I made it blue, white, and blue. I realized too late that I should have made it red & white, with strawberries on top, for Canada day, since that’s July 1st (the day after my birthday). Oh well! Next time!

Making the 'red' velvet.
Making the ‘red’ velvet.

I realized, when I was about to pour the batter into the pan, that it was awfully thick, and awfully white, compared to the normal batter for Rose’s cheesecakes. Then I saw the egg yolks sitting on the counter.

Whoops. Forgot the eggs
Whoops. Forgot the eggs

Mixed them in out of order, but it didn’t seem to hurt anything.

Split a little
Split a little

I think I got the cake slightly off-center on the base. Or rather, that the base slipped as I was flipping it. It came off the side a bit, but I covered that up with the dreamy creamy white chocolate frosting.

Making the frosting
Making the frosting

A few people objected to the “dreamy creamy” name. Why not just call it white chocolate cream cheese frosting?


Assembling the cake on the morning of my birthday was a snap. Frost the top, cook the cornstarch, sugar and water for the blueberry glaze, toss in the blueberries, let them drain, then lay them out on top in a single layer on top of the frosting. I chose to also pipe some extra frosting around the top to clean up the edges.

Verdict: Delicious. I would totally make this again. It made a great birthday cake, and disappeared pretty quickly.


5 thoughts on “Fourth of July Cheesecake

  1. Kristina: The cheesecake looks great, and happy belated birthday!! I love the blue velvet!! If you get a chance, I hope you will stop by and see mine! This was such a great recipe, and like yours it disappeared quickly too! I kept the berries separately, because Rose said in the book that it would keep longer that way. Ha! It didn’t turn out to be much of a problem after all…


  2. Happy Birthday! I couldn’t help laughing at the egg yolks – what a lucky save. The finished product looks very pretty.


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