Fourth of July Cheesecake

Quick post. Typing this up from Germany, on my phone, between meetings. 🙂 I made the “Fourth of July” Cheesecake as my birthday cake. Since I wasn’t planning on serving it on the fourth, and since the fourth isn’t a special holiday in Canada, I didn’t make it red, white, and blue. Instead, I made it blue, white, and blue. I realized too late that I should have made it red & white, with strawberries on top, for Canada day, since that’s July 1st (the day after my birthday). Oh well! Next time!

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Red Velvet Cake

I noticed when WordPress created the slug for this post that I’d had another red velvet cake post in the past. Apparently, I wasn’t enamored with the results of the red velvet recipe in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. Hopefully this version goes down better. I realized while making it tonight that it’s in keeping with my theme for the past week. I was on a trip to Nashville for work, for the PTC Live Global trade show/conference. The conference and work part was fine, but after the work was over, I had a good time with some co-workers, exploring what Nashville had to offer.

Photo stolen from Facebook - credit to Doug
Photo stolen from Facebook – credit to Doug

We experienced lots of “Southern” food, including gator, Nashville hot chicken, and plenty of BBQ. The “Southern” food is what got me on this tangent. I always think of red velvet cake as a Southern thing. I’m not sure if that’s reality, or if that’s just the association stuck in my head from Steel Magnolias. Maybe both.

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