Pecan Praline Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wow. Apparently, these are so simple that I managed to forget to take any process pictures.

Yummy melty goodness
Yummy melty goodness

This recipe takes 4 ingredients, basically. Egg whites, pecans, muscovado (or brown) sugar, and ice cream.  Beat the egg whites and sugar. Toast the pecans, and chop half of them up. Mix pecans into meringue. Scoop onto cookie sheet and bake. My meringue cookies spread a bit and weren’t quite as billowy looking as some of the other ones, but they sure are tasty. I accidentally left them on the counter all day on Saturday when we went to visit my grandmother, so they deflated a bit, given how rainy & humid this weekend was. When I got home, I tried to peel them off the parchment and they wouldn’t come without flopping all over the place, so I put them back in the oven to dry out a bit.  After that, they popped off the parchment no problem.

I made up two of them last night for Jay & I to try, and he says they’re really really good, and no other ice cream flavour would be better than the french vanilla that he picked to go with them. 🙂

I plan to put the rest together tomorrow morning, then stash them in the freezer for my birthday BBQ tomorrow night. I’ve also got the “4th of July” cheesecake ready to assemble, and I think I’ll bake ahead slightly and make the molasses crumb cakelets, too. I figure I should bake ahead, since I’ve got 2 days off this week (my birthday and Canada Day), and then two more days of work, and then heading off on Saturday for what one of my new coworkers keeps referring to as vacation. He said that’s what his previous team always called it when he went to visit customers. I’m heading to Germany this time.

Since I forgot to take pictures of the baking process this week, here’s a bonus shot of what’s currently on my loom. Unfortunately, looking at this, I can see a mistake about 20 rows back. Oh well! Can you spot it?

Latest weaving project
Latest weaving project

7 thoughts on “Pecan Praline Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. Your ice-cream sandwiches looking great!’s strange that everytime I click on your website, it will take forever to load and then an error message will appear to say DNS error. Then I have to close the window, reopen again and the 2nd time I click your site, your page will load.


  2. very nice weaving. and i cant blame you forgetting to take pictures this recipe did seems like a breeze. have a very happy birthday!


  3. I think I would have preferred these as sandwiches if the meringues spread like yours did. Beautiful weaving, and I can’t see where you messed up. I wonder if it it like knitting; only other knitters can see the imperfections? I hope you have a great couple of celebratory days then fun on your “vacation!”


  4. These were delicious, sounds like your birthday was full of good things to eat. Your weaving looks perfect to me. What’s your approach to mistakes – redo, or it gives it character?


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