My Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I promised last week that I’d post about my “perfect” chocolate chip cookie. I’ve tweaked it a bit since the last time I made it, and I suspect it may continue to get adjusted as life goes on, but I’m pretty happy with the basic recipe, so here it is.


What, that’s not helpful? 😦 You want more details? So demanding! *sigh*

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the second time I’ve made chocolate chip cookies from this book. The first was shortly after the book came out, because I just had to try them. I’ve long been on a quest for my own perfect chocolate chip cookie, and I think I’ve found it, and although this one is close, it isn’t quite it, for me. 😉 This time, while baking alongside the Rose’s Alpha Bakers group, I decided to try the Melt-in-the-Mouth variation, which includes grated chocolate.

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Stone Ground Whole Wheat Cookies

My husband gave me one of the most frivolous but wonderful things for my birthday this year. It was back in June, but I have gotten somewhat out of the habit of blogging, so I didn’t think to post about it when I first received it. Recently, Joe Pastry started a series of posts on flour, discussing extraction rates, grades, and protein contents, and it got me thinking that I really should start experimenting more with my new toy. What is it?
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