Banana Feather Loaf

I’m really having a hard time figuring out what to say about this one. I make Rose’s white sandwich bread so often that I’ve pretty much got the quantities memorized, and this one is basically the same technique. A little less butter here, add some banana, and probably change some of the other ratios (like you might not need as much honey with banana for the yeast to feed on)… but it’s basically the same bread. This is another of those cases where I probably wouldn’t have tried it if not for the bake through, but I don’t know that I’ll go out of my way to bake it again, unless I want something interesting to use as the basis for french toast for a really special breakfast. I just can’t figure out what else to use this for. Other than snacks. And it’s definitely good for snacks. But it’s got a sweetness to it that (I think) makes it less appropriate for things like grilled cheese, tuna melts, or garlic bread, which is really what bread’s used for, around here.

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Banana Split Chiffon Cake

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through this weekend’s Rose’s Alpha Bakers project, nor The Bread Bible bake-through assignment for the month. For one thing, I just got back late Friday night from visiting my parents back home in New Brunswick. For another, we had no “very ripe” bananas in the house, and the assigned recipes for the week each needed some “very ripe” banananana, and it’s pretty much impossible to buy bananananas ripe, let alone “very” ripe. Finally, I started getting a sore throat on Friday morning, and it had developed into a full blown cold by Saturday morning, along with full body aches, chills, and general misery. No fever, though, so, yay? I basically spent Saturday on the couch, got some reasonably good sleep on Saturday night, and felt marginally better by Sunday morning. Well better enough to bake, anyway, given that neither recipe was more than a couple of pages long, and neither involved a crazy number of components or anything super complicated. Continue reading “Banana Split Chiffon Cake”

Mud Turtle Cupcakes (and some catch-up)

Yes, that’s catch-up, not ketchup, thank goodness. I don’t think ketchup would be very good with mud turtle cupcakes. I had a single lonesome banana turning brown that I had to use up, so I took the opportunity to knock another cake from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes off my “to bake” list: Chocolate Banana (stud) Cake. The cake component turned out beautifully.

Isn't that cake gorgeous?

I almost feel like I ruined it a bit with my sloppy frosting job, but the taste of that ganache, with a touch of banana liqueur was so totally worth it.

Chocolate Banana (no) stud cake

I didn’t bother with the chocolate chip “studs” because I remembered a few of my fellow bakers saying the chips detracted from the soft texture of the cake. The rest of the Heavenly Cake Bakers’ group baked this cake last summer while I was in the middle of kitchen renovations.

Anyway, enough about catching up… What was this week’s cake selection? It was the mud turtle cupcakes. I asked my husband how he felt about turtle chocolates this weekend and he said “I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Remember, I didn’t really have a sweet tooth growing up.” Ah, well, we’ll fix that. 😉

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Many Splendored Quick Bread

Banananas from the freezer

You know what I like about being lazy? I can wait for the other bloggers in the heavenly cake bakers group to post their thoughts on something before I even decide to bake it. Plus, I can get ideas on what to tweak so that I’ll like the outcome better. This week’s selection is the “Many Splendored” quick bread. I’m not sure what “splendored” is supposed to mean, and since Firefox’s spell check doesn’t recognize it, I suspect I’m not the only one. 😉 This is a ‘cake’ with zucchini, carrots, oatmeal and bananas. Maybe those are the splendours referred to in the title?

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Banana Refrigerator Cake with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting

Mmmm.. bananas. I love banana cake, because it’s a good excuse to eat cake for breakfast. What? Why do you look at me like that? Hey, it’s better than when someone’s broken the build at work and everyone gets doughnuts for breakfast.

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