Banana Split Chiffon Cake

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through this weekend’s Rose’s Alpha Bakers project, nor The Bread Bible bake-through assignment for the month. For one thing, I just got back late Friday night from visiting my parents back home in New Brunswick. For another, we had no “very ripe” bananas in the house, and the assigned recipes for the week each needed some “very ripe” banananana, and it’s pretty much impossible to buy bananananas ripe, let alone “very” ripe. Finally, I started getting a sore throat on Friday morning, and it had developed into a full blown cold by Saturday morning, along with full body aches, chills, and general misery. No fever, though, so, yay? I basically spent Saturday on the couch, got some reasonably good sleep on Saturday night, and felt marginally better by Sunday morning. Well better enough to bake, anyway, given that neither recipe was more than a couple of pages long, and neither involved a crazy number of components or anything super complicated. Continue reading “Banana Split Chiffon Cake”


Orange Glow Chiffon (not Layer) cake

I feel like I’ve been gone forever, but in reality, I’ve only missed two weeks of baking with the Heavenly Cake Bakers. I skipped the <a href=""Devil's food cake because we were on chocolate overdose in our house. I also skipped last weekend’s free choice because I was away in San Francisco for EclipseCon from Sunday to Friday. Somehow, having skipped only two weeks, I managed to forget how to take pictures for the blog. 😉 I only got three this time.

First, Mise en Place

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Coffee Chiffon with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream

Grandpa celebrated his 89th birthday on April 17. I called Grandma up a couple nights earlier and asked if I could bring a cake: “Well, sure. That will save me having to bake something. I had thought, ‘maybe I could ask Kristina to bake a cake,’ but I know how busy you are.” Perfect! Coffee Chiffonlets were coming up in the heavenly cake bakers’ schedule, and if I know anything about my grandfather, it’s that he loves his coffee. It was almost a guarantee that he would love this cake.

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